Thursday Thirteen #2–Childhood Summertime Memories

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Growing up I loved school and always looked forward to the first day of school but as the year rolled on…I also couldn’t wait for the first day of summer. My childhood was wonderful and my summers were great. So, in keeping with APOOO’s Hot Fun in the Summertime theme for this month, today I will share thirteen things that I enjoyed when school was out…oh the joys of growing up in Florida during the 60s/70s when it was truly a different world from what my kids experience living in the suburbs today. So, besides the usual suspects of No School, sleeping late, going to bed late, staying outside until the street lights came on, check out what else made my summertime list.

Thirteen Things about MY CHILDHOOD SUMMERS

  1. Florida Crabs (get your mind of the gutter…lol; it’s the kind you eat. Of course, I ate too many as a kid and today I will not touch anything other than a crab leg.)
  2. Getting the lead part in the Summer Rec Program play–it was so wonderful to be the star…lol.
  3. Vacations with the family–Summers in DC–growing up wasn’t anything like spending summers in my birthplace or hanging out with my kinfolks in Louisiana (I can do a Thursday Thirteen just on them)
  4. Hanging out at the pier (oh the advantages of growing up around water; in my case a bay and the Gulf of Mexico…with a few lakes sprinkled in between)
  5. First Kiss (Summer of 13th b-day)
  6. Family Reunions (and the colorful cast of characters…but there was also a lot of talent in the family also)
  7. First Boyfriend (Summer of Sweet Sixteen b-day)
  8. First Car (Summer of Sweet Sixteen b-day)
  9. Tuesday Matinees (During the summer of my junior high years every Tuesday a group of friends and I got together and walked two miles one way to the movies…we had much fun during this every Tuesday.)
  10. Cookouts at Fort Desoto Park and Beach
  11. Summer Recreation Camp (everything and everybody would hang out at the local neighborhood rec center)
  12. Swimming every day (after Tuesday Matinees we would head to the pool and swim under dinner time)
  13. Vacation Bible School (hey our VBS was where all the neighborhood kids would hang out because the party at the end was the bestest!)

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  1. Great firsts!

    Journeywoman’s last blog post..Thirteen other worlds I’d like to live in

  2. This post reminds me of mine in a way, a trip down memory lane and growing up near the sea. It makes me feel nostalic. I got my first real kiss on my 13th summer too.

    colleen’s last blog post..13 for the Hometown

  3. I’ll tell you the one thing I didn’t like when I was a child. During the summer, my parents would put me on a bus for the long haul to Notasulga, Alabama. As a Northern city girl, I had a hard time adjusting to the way things happened in that small town.

    Beverly Mahone’s last blog post..Procrastination is Your Friend

  4. Summer by the sea sounds heavenly. I live near mountains and I love them….but I would love to have been near the ocean as a child!

  5. I loved VBS when I was growing up. I also remember times when we would walk to the elementary school to get a hot lunch. Those were the days back in the 80s in NY.

    My second T13 is about something normal and somethings a bit unusual about me.

  6. Now that’s a good list! Summer time as a kid rocks!
    Thanks for stopping by:)

    After Hours’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #4

  7. Hmm. the car and the boyfriend came together lol go fig! Happy T13!

  8. Hmmm. I’ve lived in Florida 7 yeasr and I haven’t eaten crab yet!

    Great list!

    Nicholas’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #62

  9. I would probably get shellfish poisoning, because I love crabs just that much.


  11. I loved to read your childhood summertime memories! Great list!
    Thanks for visiting my Olympics TT.

    Tink’s last blog post..TT #87: Olympic Games

  12. I think each of those could have be a 13 list. Details would be nice. I enjoyed you list. Wish I could say that is what my summers were like growing up in the 50s and 60s but not so. I was raised in the Texas panhandle far from water — hot dust days —that’s summer. :) Oh! And thanks for dropping by my post earlier.

    Patsy’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #6

  13. Journey Woman–TY!
    Jennifer–Loved your list and VBS rocks!
    Colleen–it’s funny but we never forget our first kiss. ;)
    Beverly–not AL…lol.
    Julie–I’m a water baby til this day…even though I was born under the Virgo sign.
    After Hours–I’ve got to read how you got your nickname. ;)
    Adelle–yes but not at the same time…my b-day isn’t until 9/6 but technically it’s still the summer; I met my boyfriend in June.
    Nicholas–you might want to try them just once.
    Dera–I loved your list and if you still need help let me know. Texas panhandle sounds worst than the FL panhandle.
    Julia–what a great memory…so sorry that the car was gone but it was probably for the best.
    Tink–your Olympics history list rocked; wish I would have though of it…but I’m going to borrow portions of it. ;)
    Patsy–that’s my intent…to do a list of 13 for each of them.

  14. I love this post. I remember my thirteenth summer. We found an abandon car in Fairmount Park, and claimed it as our own. That car was a palace, a carriage, a fortress, a school, and a bank, until one day it was gone. Sigh….back to the trees for me and my gang!

  15. Sounds like you had fun. We did nothing :( Can you adopt me?!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Teena in Toronto’s last blog post..Happy birthday, Chia kitty!

  16. Michelle–oh yes I remember those days…pool from dawn to dusk and only coming out to eat…oh yeah and remember that we used to have to wait 30 minutes after eating before we could get back into the pool…because they didn’t want us to get cramps. LOL.

    Teena–arggh come on what did you and your friends do doing the summer…actually I can do a list of 13 things I did with friends one summer…lol…how about you. ;)

  17. Great memories.

    Barbara Doduk’s last blog post..TT28: 13 Boys Names I Like

  18. Swimming! I remember one year, my brother and I went swimming every single day of the summer….we were sooooo tanned by the end of summer, you could barely recognize us. We were there when the pool opened when they offered snacks and sometimes we went back after the evening break. That was the summer between 5th and 6th grade. I remeber teaching my brother how to swim in the deep end. I use to love to jump off the high diving board too….now I’m chicken :)

    Michelle’s last blog post..Stand the Storm

  19. I remember vWISHING for my first kiss at 13. Didn’t come anywhere close.

    Alice Audrey’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: The Last 13 Books I Have Read

  20. Wow Yas, you had an adventurous summer in Florida. Do you still swim?

  21. Hey! Wait a minute! If your first kiss was at 13, but your first boyfriend was at 16, who did you kiss? (Thanks for visiting my TT)

    The Gal Herself’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #80 — COMING SOON to my Shelfari Shelt (at left)

  22. You sure did have fun sis! I’m going to try this…hmmm where do I start?

  23. Alice–while I remember my first kiss I can’t say that I was excited about kissing until years later…hehe.

    Barbara–thanks for stopping by.

    Dera–yes I still swim but I’m so out of shape that now I just tread water…lol.

    Gal Herself–I kissed my first ‘puppy love’…unfortunately he drowned two summers later trying to help someone else (he was a jr. lifeguard) so he never became my first boyfriend.

    Darnetta–the directions are in my blog…just look above…click on get the code and you will find the rest.

    Popin–crabs taste like a cross between shrimp and lobster. ;)

  24. My 13th summer was spending my summer in Alabama with my 1st boyfriend. Spending time with family and just having a good time. They were fond memories.

  25. Cool! Mine is up

  26. Mine is up now…that was pretty fun…lol

  27. Darnetta’s 13 blog

    I hope that code works…lol

  28. Thanks for visiting my TT. I laughed at number one, though I have to ask how do crabs taste like? I’ve never eaten one.

    ~ Popin

  29. Darnetta–your blog rocks!

    Adrienne–Thanks for sharing your memories.

  30. The Summer of my 13th year…
    My First Summer job – working with sanitation crew sweeping streets, going to the Chesapeake Bay to catch crabs (lots of fun), taking my first and last smoke, slumber party with girlfriends making crank phone calls until 4 am, going to my first concert without my mother or uncle…. looking forward to going to high school…

    Great Blog, Yasmin

  31. OOO Cilla you were a wild child…lol. Glad you took that first and LAST smoke!

  32. Sounds like you had fun!


    My TT is at

  33. I love lists like these…not only do I learn more about you, it brought back tons of my summer childhood memories as well, also a lot of water and beach!

    Happy TT, and thanks for stopping by!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #34 – W

  34. Oh ya….I remember my first car, and the summer. You betcha. Great list. And no…..I knew what you meant with the crabs [no gutter talk or thoughts from me at all. Ya, right!!!! :::kidding::: – You cracked me up on that one.]

    Thanks for the visit to my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I’m behind visiting my T-13 visitors and trying to catch up this morning.

  35. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Poetry Friday: To a Waterfowl

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