Belle by Beverly Jenkins

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Belle means beautiful in French that is exactly what Beverly Jenkins created when she wrote Belle, a wonderfully written, historical young adult romance. We often take certain things for granted, including our freedom. But, at a time when being born black in the South guaranteed you a lifetime conviction, freedom becomes luxury and a privilege.

Belle, a runaway slave, finds a new beginning when she is spotted on the side of the road by Daniel and his sister, Jojo. Having been separated from her father during their escape, Belle is left with no one, so she thinks. Over a series of months, Belle quickly learns many things, one being the sweet taste of freedom. For each lesson she receives, Belle also teaches the ones around her things they never knew.

Belle’s story is laced with historical facts that teens and adults alike may not have been taught or interested in enough to research on their own. But the most important factors were that of hope and love. If we possess both of these priceless, valuable treasures, we can go far and achieve greatness. Beverly Jenkins made me feel the love and the hope in Belle. Each scene was vivid in my mind and I truly enjoyed it. I recommend Belle to die-hard Beverly Jenkins’ fans, lovers of historical romance, and readers looking for a page turner to cuddle up with.

Jennifer Coissiere
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  5. I loved this book! It was beautifully written.

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    it was so sweet.