Consensual by Djuanna Brockington

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In 140 words or less, tell us a little about yourself.

This is always the hardest question to answer. I can talk about my fiction all day. I clam up when it’s about me. Bleh. I am passionate about reading and writing. And I have been running- can’t quite figure out why yet. :-) 

In 140 words or less, tell us Consensual would make a great addition to our personal library.

Consensual is all about people not being what they seem. Robert appears to be a gentleman and a great catch, Alison appears to be victim material, and Elle appears to be the perfect girlfriend. When you take off the masks what you get is a predator, a determined woman, and a woman willing to make things right, even if the method is wrong. 

How did you come up with the premise for Consensual?

Consensual was written after a dream that I had one night. It was in great detail, and the ending of my dream was very graphic and horrific. When I woke up, I was so excited that this vivid dream had played out so completely, even with the gory ending, that I knew I had to write it. And yes, I realize that waking up from a bad dream and thinking that it would make a great story is not “normal”. I changed the ending because I just don’t do gore- at least not right now.

What’s the main theme for Consensual?

My mom has a saying about “quiet” or reserved people: The quiet ones will get you every time. In Robert’s case, that’s exactly what happened. He chose two women based on his presumptions of who they were, and what they would tolerate. In the end, he was way off base.

What was the most difficult part of Consensual to write?

Definitely the sex scenes, especially the first one. I wanted to ensure that the event that takes place comes across as the violation it was, without being exceedingly graphic. The second sex scene was also hard because it had to have punch.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…how do the main characters, Robert and Elle plan to celebrate? (PS this is a devious question you can take it whereever you would like…lol)

Robert will be at home alone. He has been humiliated, and that is not something that he will easily recover from. He’s probably trying to figure out how to hit back without going to jail or losing his standing in the community. Alison and Elle may decide to have dinner together and find out if they have anything in commom that would make them friends, other than creepy Robert, of course.

What genre is Consensual and who is the target audience?

Consensual is contemporary fiction, with women as the primary audience. Although, I had a male friend inform me that he read it and he had no idea I had such a twisted mind. hehe

Is Consensual your first published fictional title or have you published other books? If so, tell us about them.

I have three other short stories that are available in digital format for Nook and Kindle owners or app users. Late Night Caller, well, the title says it all. The Date, which was a short story I wrote a few years ago and it won the Go On Girl Bookclub award. We’ve all had them, blind dates gone wrong, and The Date was just an amusing look at how awful they can sometimes be. A Complicated Matter is my bestselling short story right now. Marilyn Anderson is this hard-driving business woman who has attained money and power, and as long as business is good, she’s happy. Her husband having an affair- no problem. What Marilyn doesn’t do well is scandal.

What’s the best thing a reader has told you about one of your books?

I would have to say that I think being called “twisted” was one of the best compliments I ever got. It meant that the reader got where I was trying to go. Overall, readers seem to really enjoy my main characters. They are smart, strong, and occasionally get caught up in some mess or have crappy things happen to them, but they keep it moving, even when it involves revenge or dealing with a tragedy. They totally get that they are responsible for their own lives.

What can readers expect from you in the future?

OMG, I have story ideas queing up daily. I have a book about a 23 year old witch that I am working on. I absolutely love her, her mom, and her grandmother. I would like to see more brown girls in paranormal novels. LA Banks gave us Damali, and there hasn’t been an African American female in a paranormal series that I’m aware of that reached that has reached mainstream status since. I would love to see more of us writing paranormal tales. Black girls love witches, vampire hunters, ghosts, and werewolves, too! Until then, I’ll have to write some of my own. 

I’m tossing around a Thelma and Louise type story (without the crime spree) about best friends who take an annual trip away from their husbands and kids, and one of them decides not to go back home. She’s sick of the rut and decided she wants out. They have a week of antics while her BFF tries to convince her to go back home. OK, so it’s funnier in my head. 

I’m also finishing a story that I started on my website a couple of years ago called Riding The Wave about a woman with a medical condition that causes her to have spontaneous orgasms. Jennifer Coissiere reminded me of it a few weeks ago with a story about a woman from Brazil who got permission to masturbate at work because of her medical conditon. That is so getting finished in the next few weeks. lol

Is there anything else you would like to share with APOOO readers?

I’d like all readers to become more open to reading shorter fiction. Our lives are so busy these days, but sometimes you want a quick read while you’re waiting for your kid in the carpool line or waiting to be seen for an appointment. While I am working on longer fiction- novellas and full length novels, I have a soft spot for short stories thanks to Langston Hughes (The Best of Simple) and James Thurber (The Thurber Carnival).

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  1. Thank goodness for that detailed dream. Enjoyed the interview. Wish you success with Consensual.
    Tea Norman´s last blog post ..Teaser Tuesday

  2. Ooooo going to purchase now, love your stories.
    Angelia´s last blog post ..SUPPORT-ISH

  3. @Tea Norman- thanks so much. It was fun.
    @Angelia- you are always on gracious Diva. Thanks for your support. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

  4. Great interview! I ate a piece of chocolate before going to bed 2 nights ago and dreamt I was kidnapped by a Pasha who thought I was ill trained and lacking in languages. I woke up right around the time my handler was whispering to me that I better get it together and stop embarrassing him. Wonder what you could do with that?
    Dee´s last blog post ..Introducing: 360 Degrees

  5. @Dee- had to google Pasha. Hmmm. I’m thinking there’s something there. lol The setting alone would be amazing. May need a trip to Turkey and/or Northern Africa for an authentic tale.
    Djuanna´s last blog post ..APOOO Interview

  6. Did you see One Night with the King? That kind of setting. But it was in black and white in my dream for some reason. hmmmm.
    Dee´s last blog post ..Introducing: 360 Degrees

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