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The APOOO review team has been in existence for over 10 years and is comprised of 10 volunteer readers who enjoy a good book and spreading the word about their reads.  Since inception, these ladies collectively have reviewed more than 1,000 books.  Members review all genres including poetry, non-fiction, erotic, Christian fiction and urban fiction.  We are well-known in the African American literary community and our reviews can be found on the APOOO website, at, on author websites  and in author press materials, as well as in print magazines, including Booking Matters.

Please note that at APOOO, we do not believe that reviewers can serve two masters–authors and readers.  We honestly have to choose and decide who we want to direct our reviews to as well as who we want to influence with our reviews.  While we respect authors, and it is not our intent to flame any author, APOOO’s first priority is to readers.  With that in mind, we aim to continue to write reviews that will help readers decide which book is best for them.

If you would like to have APOOO review your book, please follow the instructions listed below.


STOP and please DO NOT send your book if the following applies to you:

Please do NOT submit your book for review if it cannot be ordered or purchased via Amazon.

Please do NOT submit your book for review it if has not been professionally edited and is riddled with errors, typos and grammatical mistakes.


ARCs, galleys and bound manuscripts will be reviewed.  On a limited basis, we accept PDF files and e-books but we DO NOT accept loose or handwritten manuscripts.

If your manuscript is accepted, please submit it in a notebook binder, spiral bound or with fasteners.

APOOO reviewers are volunteers and avid readers, however, we are not professional editors.  All books, unless they are ARCs or galleys, must be professionally edited before submitting to APOOO for review.

We review all genres but due to the volume and demand, we cannot guarantee that we will review all books and we reserve the right to choose which books we will review and feature at and on the APOOO website.

All genres will be considered for review.  However, not all books will be reviewed.  If your book is not reviewed, it will not be returned.

All reviews are the opinion of the reviewer, however, the reviewers represent your reading audience and their reviews are important to those who are interested in reading your book.  Therefore, APOOO stands behind our reviews as being fair and honest.  Unless a review has erroneous information, we will not pull a review from because an author does not agree with the rating.

APOOO is an affiliate and ALL reviews are posted at, so we ask that your book be available at their site, and include a book description and book cover photo. Please do NOT submit your book for review if it cannot be ordered or purchased via Amazon.

If you would like to have your book reviewed and receive notification regarding your review, you must subscribe  to Web site for updates.  If you are not a subscriber, please sign-up now.  Just scroll to the top of the page, the website  sign-up boxes are listed on the right-hand side of the home page.

Please do not submit or forward unsolicited books for review.  Books are accepted for review, only after a reviewer has been identified and has requested your book.

If you accept the above qualifications and terms of agreement, and are still interested in having your book reviewed by APOOO, please complete the form below along with a book synopsis.


Your synopsis will be forwarded to the team to see if anyone is interested in reviewing your book.

If there is interest, we will request a copy of your book for review.

We try and review books as quickly as possible, but due to the high volume of books received, we ask that upon receipt of your book, you allow at least six to eight weeks for a final review.

APOOO will post reviews to for free.  If you request to have reviews posted to other sites, including APOOO Books, the cost is $25 per placement.

If you would like APOOO to promote and feature your book on the Web site, CLICK HERE for details and rates.

Thanks for your interest in APOOO and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

Yasmin Coleman
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