Death Of The Cheating Man by Maxwell Billieon and Ray J

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Book Review for Death of the Cheating Man by Maxwell Billieon Ray JWhy do men cheat? A question asked by many women who do not understand the men in their relationships. Well ladies some of our questions are answered in Death Of The Cheating Man by Maxwell Billieon and Ray J. This three-part book provides readers insight into a real life example of a cheating man.

Part one informs readers of the origin and myths about cheating. Part two shares conversations between Maxwell Billieon and Ray J related to different scenarios that involved Ray J’s cheating behaviors. Maxwell Billieon provides notes directed to both men and women to enlighten them on how to change their behavior in these given scenarios. The final part addresses women explaining how they enable their men cheating and teaching them how to become first in their men’s life.

I believe people can change if the desire is there to change. I applaud Ray J for sharing his flaws and taking the initiative to change. Death Of The Cheating Man doesn’t answer all questions but gives an overview of what to look for and what not to fall for in relationships. This book opened my eyes to things I realize now I overlooked in previous relationships. I recommend this book to those looking for a reference tool.

This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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