Delicious Destiny Virtual Tour with Yahrah St. John

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Delicious Destiny Virtual Tour with Yahrah St. John

Always and Forever

Hmmm…when I think of this song I think of my Dad and stepmother’s marriage of 32 years. Although he and my mother were not meant to be, clearly the second time around was the charm. A couple of years ago, they celebrated their 30th anniversary.

I was so amazed by their longevity that even though I lived in Orlando, I wanted to be part of the celebration. I flew from Orlando to Chicago during the dead of winter to surprise them. They were so excited to see me that it was well worth the snowstorm that came that weekend.

But getting back to the story, since I’m the writer in the family, my sister asked me to write a poem on what it takes to endure the storms that 30 years of marriage brings. I wasn’t thrilled. Poetry isn’t my thing. Back in college, in order to take Fiction Writing class, I had to take Poetry Writing. Although I received a B in Poetry, I agonized for an entire quarter over writing those poems. Somehow, I manage to put pen-to-paper for my Dad’s anniversary and come up with what I felt was a good poem. My Dad and stepmother were really touched by the poem and I think I saw some tears trickle down his face though he would never admit it.

I remember asking my Dad on his 30th anniversary night on why he thinks their marriage has survived this long and I’ll never forget what he said. It goes a little something like this…You make vows for better or for worse, but oftentimes when the bad times come, you don’t remember the good. That’s why you have to put those good times in a bank, so when the bad times come, you can withdraw from the bank and look back on those wonderful memories to sustain you through the hard times. That’s why our marriage has endured….And that’s why I think of their marriage when I hear Always and Forever. 

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About the Author

St.-John-500x500Yahrah St. John is the author of thirteen published romances with Harlequin’s Kimani Romance line and a 2011 RT BookReviews Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee. A member of Romance Writers of America, St. John enjoys the arts, cooking, traveling and adventure sports, but her true passion remains writing. St. John lives in sunny Orlando, the City Beautiful and is working on her fifteenth book Entangled Hearts.






deliciousdestinyAbout the Book

  1. Sweet secrets…

It has been almost five years since Shari Drayson graduated college—almost five years since she had her heart broken. Now the only man in her life is her cherished son, Andre. But her life is full, and her family’s bakery is about to appear in a baking competition on national TV. Who needs love when you’ve got pastries?

Sweetest seduction…

When Grant Robinson finally tracks Shari down in Chicago, he expects she will still be beautiful. He expects she will still be smart. What he doesn’t expect is her four-year-old son—who looks exactly like him. The wealthy restaurateur is stunned, and his anger wars with passion for the woman he has never truly forgotten. Determined to claim what is his, Grant insists they marry at once. But his bride soon realizes she’s at risk for another heartbreak. Can Grant’s skillful form of persuasion change her mind and convince her that his love is all she really needs?

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  1. Yasmin, thanks so much for hosting Yahrah today!! I truly appreciate it!

  2. Renee you’re welcome and thanks for having me as a host.

  3. Hi Yahrah,
    What a way to end your tour. I love your poem and I hope you don’t mine but I think I am going to print that and keep on my desk and in the bathroom at my house, so my husband can read that every time he goes in there………………………



  4. This was wonderful, thank you for sharing this Yahrah St. John.

  5. Glad to share. I’m so proud of my Dad and stepmother’s long marriage. I hope that one day I will find a love like there’s. And the best part of the surprise? They never saw it coming! They had no idea I was in Chicago and my sisters put them up in a hotel and had a limo pick them up and bring them to the party. It was an all around great night and one for the memory books.

  6. Enjoyed this. Thank you so much. Great tour


  7. Adding this one to my Kindle today.

  8. I have enjoyed visiting with you this week Yahrah. Looking forward to the next book.

  9. Love the theme Always and Forever. Yas, good to see you are keeping up the APOOO interviews.

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