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Derrin’s Hot Pursuit by Tucker Davis

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1.    In 140 words or less, tell us a little about yourself.

African American book reviewer [1]Tucker Davis is an Atlanta native who writes in her down time after raising two young children, caring for her husband, working as a full-time attorney and being active in community service organizations. She has had a love of writing since she was in high school, which grew from a desire to travel to other places. Tucker, a naturally risk adverse person, often lived her adventures through reading. She even blames her poor eyesight on sneaking to read books in the darkness of her bedroom when she was supposed to be asleep.

It wasn’t until she discovered authors like John Grissom, Terry McMillan, Brenda Jackson, Kayla Perrin and Rochelle Alers that her desire to tell her own stories was fed. She decided it was time to share the stories she allowed to play out in her mind. Thus, she penned her first novel, Misplaced Desires, which will be published in 2012 under the Twisted Pleasures brand.

With life things happen and our paths are altered. More specifically, Tucker became engrossed in bearing and raising her children, climbing the corporate ladder and battling breast cancer. These crossroads changed her plans to publish her first novel a bit, but they did not deter her. She published legal articles, but they did not quench her thirst to publish romance novels.

Her first published novel in the Chasing Love series, Derrin’s Hot Pursuit, brings to life the story of Derrin, one of five African-American men who, for varying reasons, want to avoid long term commitments and falling love. It is their fear of losing the women they have unexpectedly began to adore, that drives them to confront their fears head on. Take the journey with Tucker Davis as we follow Derrin, Marcus, Calvin, Jared, and Ennis when they chase love.

2.    In 140 words or less, tell us why Derrin’s Hot Pursuit would make a great addition to our personal library.

Derrin’s Hot Pursuit will enhance the personal library of readers and romance enthusiasts because it shows the benefits which occur when lovers face their fears to find love.  Derrin’s Hot Pursuit addresses fears of infidelity, abandonment, deceitfulness, and healing.  These emotional and mental aspects of the characters help to develop a sense of reality and connection with the storyline.

3.    How did you come up with the premise for Derrin’s Hot Pursuit?

I have several family members and former classmates who are always discussing their trials and tribulations with men who they want to develop personal relationships.  However, when the intended mate discusses his understanding of the relationship, it seems as if neither of the people are reading from the same book.  I wanted to better understand the differences between the man’s view of the relationship or lack of relationship.  As I explored, I realized that men have insecurities about relationships and the hurt that may result from falling in love.  It was this understanding that allowed the stories for the five males in the Chasing Love series to blossom.  Each of these men has insecurities which are really founded and based on relationships with their mothers.  Derrin’s Hot Pursuit is the first story to address the issues these men face.

4.    What’s the main theme for Derrin’s Hot Pursuit?

Derrin’s Hot Pursuit is a story of forgiveness and facing fears.  In Derrin’s Hot Pursuit, the main character Derrin has to address his fear of falling in love and his buried fear of abandonment and infidelity caused by a failed prior engagement to a gold digger, Nicole.  Unlike Derrin, the main love interest, Chloe, is not afraid to fall in love, but she is afraid of being abandoned or rejected by men so she has remained a virgin for 26 years and hardly dates.  There are other fears that they explore as they journey to find love and just when they think they are ready to be together Nicole returns and shakes their relationship to the core.  The fears they both thought were addressed were just buried.

 5.    What was the most difficult part of Derrin’s Hot Pursuit to write?

The most difficult part for me to write in Derrin’s Hot Pursuit was the end.  I wanted this couple to be together before I put one word on the page, but after the long journey they had to take I wasn’t sure they would end up together by the time I wrote the last word.  I also was unsure if I should add the Epilogue or not.  I wanted to give some insight into the future of Derrin’s other friends, Marcus, Jared, Calvin and Ennis, but at the time I did not know which story would be written next so I did not know who to focus on or mention in the Epilogue.  However, once I decided to write the Epilogue the conversation was headed in one direction in my mind but ventured in a different direction as I typed it.

6.    What genre is Derrin’s Hot Pursuit and who is the target audience?

Derrin’s Hot Pursuit is targeted to mature, adult audiences who love happy ending romance stories with a couple of hot and sexy love scenes.  My book is not limited to any particular race or economic status.  I have fans who are over 70 years old, some live in other countries, while others are non-African American.  Because of the love scenes, I do not recommend that any teens read this story.  But those fans of erotica will be disappointed since my love scenes are sensual yet sweet.

7.    Is Derrin’s Hot Pursuit your first published fictional title or have you published other books? If so, tell us about them.

Derrin’s Hot Pursuit is my first published fiction novel, but I have published the next story, Calvin’s Trick or Treat which is now available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com in eBook format.  The paperback is scheduled to be released soon; the release date has been moved by the publisher so I don’t know the exact date.  Calvin’s Trick or Treat is the love of Calvin, a military brat who hated the travel his parents forced upon his as a child.  Calvin is enjoying life; he has a new promotion, great friends and a wonderful sex life.  All this changes when he gets a text message from his last acquaintance informing him that she is pregnant and the baby is his. Calvin is sentenced to defensive driving class and from the minute he walks into the class his life changes.  He meets Amber Kennedy who he knows but does not remember.  He wants to explore a relationship with Amber but she is avoiding him at all costs.  They can’t fight the fever too long and end up exploring their feelings. However, the baby issue clouds all Calvin’s decisions and he makes one bad decision after the next until he loses Amber.  He has to decide which woman in his life he wants to please: his girlfriend, Amber; his potential baby’s mama, Tricia; or his mother.

8.    What’s the best thing a reader has told you about one of your books?

I have some readers who have told me that they thought I peeked into their lives and wrote the story.  They loved the dialogue between the main and secondary characters.  But, when a reader told me she could not finish the book because she was so wrapped up in the story that she started crying, I was like wow.  Of course, I asked what part she stopped reading and started crying and she told me “when Kenya (Derrin’s sister and Chloe’s best friend) showed up at Derrin’s house with boxes to pack up Chloe’s things to move out.”  The reader was distraught.  I laughed and told her to finish she would be pleased when she got to the end.  She emailed me later and told me she read the chase scenes at the end three times and was overjoyed each time.

9.    What can readers expect from you in the future?

I plan to continue the Chasing Love series with Jared’s Midtown Meltdown, Ennis Seductive Surrender novels and a novella entitled Marcus’ Dreams Fulfilled. I hope to have the Chasing Love stories all published by the fall of 2012.  I then plan to publish Misplaced Desires and a new story entitled Mine.  I can’t wait to write Mine, it is a story about a woman who falls in love with a man who is not in love with her but she does not see it.  She stalks him and intertwines herself into his life all the while she is saying to herself, he is “Mine”.

 10.    Is there anything else you would like to share with APOOO readers?

I ask that the APOOO readers read the samples pages on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com to get a feel for the books.  I think they will enjoy the stories. When they finish reading I ask that the APOOO readers submit a review.  This will warm my heart.

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