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Jeannie Eneh croppedIn 140 words or less, tell us a little about yourself.

I am a newly published author and really enjoy going outside of my own imagination and being creative. Writing allows me to escape to another world and experience the illusions of my characters.


In 140 words or less, tell us why Color Me Black would make a great addition to our personal library.

color-me-blackColor Me Black has a deep message at the end of the story. I’ve met so many people from all walks of life through this journey as an author. They have all experienced that great love story; not all ended up a ‘happy ever-after.’ So in essence, my characters in Color Me Black are just like me and you. 

What’s the best compliment a reader has given you regarding Color Me Black?

One of the best compliments a reader has given me regarding Color Me Black was to write a Color Me Black II.  Many of my loyal readers are hoping Jasper would find another love again, to get back at Autumn. 

Many writers have ‘writing rituals.’ Do you have any and what are they?

Honestly, not sure if I have a ‘writing ritual.’ But my favorite time to write is at 5am in the morning, when it’s really quiet and peaceful. I can say I’ve pulled over while driving and wrote the name of one of my new characters that I am developing down on a receipt I had in the car.  I couldn’t let that name get away from me.

 A typical day in the life of author Jeannie Eneh includes:

Wow! A typical day in the life of author Jeannie Eneh is basically not enough time to complete everything currently on my plate. My day starts at 5am and cut off time from everything and everyone around 9pm.  If you want me to say yes, ask at 5am. LOL 

You just won $10,000 and have to use it on a two-week vacation.  Where are you going and why?

It would be Cape Town, South Africa one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. Second choice would be Dubai, pure beauty. 

In your spare time, besides writing and reading, what else do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy traveling, watching tennis and basketball.

What can readers expect from you in the future?

Readers can expect more books, a collection of poetry, a movie and my new soon to be released: Jeannie Eneh’s Adult Bedtime Stories: An Anthology. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with APOOO readers?

Whatever is meant to be-will eventually be!


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  2. Nice interview and continued success. I’m with you on that 5:00 am asking :)

  3. Good interview !!!

  4. I have read the authors book and it was a good book. I am waiting on her next book.

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