Sins of the Father by Angela Benson

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When Angela Benson put on her blog the cover of Sins of the Father, and asked her readers to guess what the book is about based on the cover and the title, I obviously had no clue. My guess was of a child paying for coming in contact with the things her father did before and having to deal with it in order to overcome an issue of her own. I was partially right, but mostly wrong. It does not matter because I truly enjoyed the book anyway. I remember hearing a saying that parents should watch what they say or do because their children or future grandchildren would be the ones to pay for their mistakes. 

In Sins of the Father, everyone involved paid for the mistakes made by Abraham Martin, the father, thirty years before. Abraham had three children, but he openly acknowledged only the son he had with his wife, Saralyn. When Abraham tries to make things right, and bring together Michael and Deborah, the children he ignored, with Isaac, the son he raised proudly, he gets more than what he hoped for. Would any of his children ever forgive him for his past mistakes? Can they come together as one big dysfunctional family? Or will he lose all he had and ever wanted?

  Benson developed characters that I could easily see myself coming in contact with on a daily basis. I could envision myself as Isaac (yes, I know he is a male and I am not). He reminds me of myself and how I think. The emotions of all the characters are believable. I will admit I did not like the way the book ended, but I understand it. Benson’s ending was more realistic and a better one unlike my fairytale dream of an ending. I know Benson writes in the Christian-fiction genre, but Sins of the Father did not read like a Christian-fiction book. It read more like contemporary fiction with a hint of religion. There was no over abundance of preaching that tends to bore some readers. With the good plot and the well-developed characters, I recommend Sins of the Father to readers who enjoy contemporary and Christian fiction.

  Jennifer Coissiere

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  1. Nice review, Jennifer. We talked about this novel briefly at The Faith and Fiction Retreat. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Sounds good

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