Sins of the Father by Angela Benson

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When Abraham Martin decides to acknowledge the outside children he fathered 30 years ago, he did not foresee how it would irrevocably affect the lives of his loved ones. Although his wife, Saralyn, forgave him, she is not making it easy for him and their son, Isaac, left the family business, MEEG, the empire Abraham built that would he was to inherit. Now Abraham’s wealth is to be divided three ways, to include his other son, Michael and his daughter, Deborah. Angela Benson explores the truth and consequences of one man’s choices in Sins of the Father.

Now that Abraham has publicly acknowledged Michael and Deborah, their mother, Leah, is determined that Abraham does right by them, in every aspect of his life. Deborah, although still hurt from being abandoned by her father, is more amenable to him and she and Abraham begin to build a relationship. He gives her a production company to run but Michael wants no part of Abraham’s olive branch or his money— or so he says. Michael’s bitterness consumes him to the point his marriage to Josette suffers and his every thought is of revenge. How far will he go to make Abraham pay?

Abraham knows he has been less than perfect and just when he tries to right his world, everything around him seems to falling apart; his wife is gives him an ultimatum, he is estranged from one son and the other one does not want to have anything to do with him. A tragic accident has Abraham rethinking his life and the choices he has made. Meanwhile, Isaac is also having marital problems with Rebecca when the six degrees of separation hits close to home. Deborah finds herself attracted to Abraham’s attorney and right hand man, Alan Weems, a man old enough to be her father. And it appears Leah has secrets of her own.

Angela Benson has written a story with a soap opera vibe and enough suspense and surprises to keep one turning the pages to see where it will all end. She has taken a departure from her past Christian novels, in fact, I would not categorize this story as Christian fiction, it has more of a contemporary fiction feel. There were only subtle references to religion but it did not get past me the biblical references in the analogy of the concept of the theme and the biblical names of the characters. In the Bible, Abraham is married to Sarah, has a son name Isaac and has another son with another woman. The names Leah, Rebecca and Deborah are also in the Bible. There were a couple of storylines that were left dangling, but all in all, I would recommend as an entertaining summer read and pleasing addition to Benson fan’s libraries.

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  1. I have this book in my TBR list. I admit I’m a book addict. I’m on a book vacation right now (meaning I’m taking a break from everything and doing nothing but reading books as much as I can).
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  2. Dera, I love your review. That books is soooo good. Abraham made a real mess.

  3. I can’t wait until Angela B. writes another book.

  4. Thanks Tea. Go ahead and read it Shelia. I think you will enjoy it.
    .-= Dera Williams´s last blog ..Memory Monday- Blackberry Memories =-.

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