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In 140 words or less, tell us a little about yourself.

sjonesheadshot copyWhenever I have to share about who Shenette Jones is, I have to first say that I’m a creative collaboration of the arts. I teach hip hop dance, I write poetry and perform spoken word, I’m a recording artist performing jazz blues and even hip hop locally throughout my great city of Raleigh NC and I love doing speaking engagements. I used to speak only within churches but I always hoped to motivate people beyond the church. I became certified as personal training specialist years ago and it allowed me to travel and share practical fitness tips with others. I’m a community activist in Raleigh and I do speaking events for InterAct raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. Finally, I’m an author! I share everything I do with my husband of 13 years and my two sons!

In 140 words or less, tell us why Uncovered would make a great addition to our personal library.

uncoveredI personally believe that Uncovered is a story that reaches all walks of life. Instantly this novel connects with readers, neither because of its scandalous storyline nor because of its powerful spiritual message, rather because of its simplicity. Everyone has experienced something similar to what my characters are experiencing whether it’s the longing for a father never known or the loneliness Stephanie feels in her marriage. We’ve all faced the war of temptation when we sincerely wanted to choose wisely. 

How did you come up with the premise for Uncovered?

Uncovered is a story birthed from the realistic struggles I personally faced within my own marriage and the similar complaints and struggles I witnessed in several other Christian relationships. It’s a fictional storyline but each scenario has been pulled from realistic events that other Christian women have painfully confessed to. I thought that the common story of infidelity with the Christian home deserved to be told, especially with the powerful message of redemption attached at the end!

Tell us about the main character(s) in Uncovered.

Markus Hall, a quiet and rather passive husband loves his wife, but struggles to connect with her intimately because of his past hurts that haunt him daily. He tries desperately to ignore his own issues but Stephanie grows impatient forcing matters to explode out of control. Stephanie is a woman of faith, a minister, and a praying wife, until her desires for sexual intimacy surpass her desire for God. They, both Stephanie and Markus are desperately seeking after something but until they finally find it, they cause great pain in the meanwhile.

What are some of the main themes you portray in Uncovered?

Uncovered is a book with strong themes of forgiveness for others and for oneself. Another underlying message in this story is the realization that mistakes happen to everyone, however no one is exempt from healing. Finally we can’t escape the most obvious theme of temptation and the revealing of where it leads. 

What makes Uncovered different from other books in the marketplace?

I believe that my book, like so many other commercial fiction books cover the basics of lust, betrayal, and temptation. However, I strongly believe that the difference is that Uncovered travels down the past of each hurting character to dissect the root of the characters issue, revealing exactly why the betrayal and the temptation ever reared its head in the first place. It serves as a therapeutic tool rather than a roller coaster ride of dramatic themes! We’re over saturated in the book market with dramatic themes. I think it’s time we discover peace, and healing as we take these reading journeys. 

What genre is Uncovered and who is the target audience?

My book is Christian fiction but in no way intended only for the Christians. This book is simply a story of love and reuniting with oneself and one’s creator. I think other religions can appreciate the truth and realism in Uncovered. I would love to give a specific target audience but I’ve already heard reviews from young African Americans and young Caucasians. Some married, some single. I’ve heard from men and women above the age of 35 which at one point was my target age. So now I’m accepting that this book is simply for those who may enjoy a story of redemption and hope no matter the age, race, or religion. 

What lessons have you learned about the publishing industry?

I’ve definitely learned that the hardest thing to do is release what’s yours into the hands of others and that trust is much easier said than done. I’ve also learned how incredible the journey is when each person is doing their part to create something beautiful from editors to publishers, to marketers, to promoters. I’ve learned the importance of thoroughly reading everything that’s put before me before signing, and I’ve learned that doing some things yourself is not so difficult and intimidating! 

What can readers expect from you in the future?

 I’m currently writing a spin off from Uncovered based on one of the characters that appears to be one of the favorites in the book. Torrey Thompson. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with APOOO readers?

I’d love to let readers know that I’m also a professional singer/performer with a musical background ranging from hip hop, jazz, blues, gospel and even classical. When I’m not writing, I’m performing or creating and writing music. I’d love for them to check out my music at or my reverbnation page under Shenette Jones.

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  1. APOO!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It means so much to me that you have allowed UNCOVERED to be featured among your other great reads! What a blessing!
    Shenette Swann Jones

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