Warped Intentions by S. B. Redd

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IWarped Intentions by S. B. Reddn Warped Intentions by S. B. Redd readers are introduced to Garner Davis, a newspaper reporter who takes his job very seriously. Garner’s viewers appreciate his skills in providing breaking news. Garner has a way with his viewers but does not make smart choices when it comes to companionship.

Vernise Aikens is a fan of Garner’s who has gone out of her way to let him know it. Garner is flattered and agrees to go out on a date with Vernise. After a couple of dates, it is apparent to Garner that there is something strange about his new companion. Garner decides to end the relationship with Vernise but it does not go as planned. Vernise’s true colors come out and she will not let Garner go.

Warped Intentions is about the main character not being careful of the company he was keeping. The concept of the story was strong but was lacking due to weak dialogue. This book also lacked a “wow” factor which made it hard to keep my attention. I do believe with developmental editing this could be a better book.

I received this book from the author for review purposes.

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